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Company Messege

Messege From Chairman :

Ahmed Ataul Karim

A country like Bangladesh, which had set a vision of moving forward in the digital perspective despite the volatile economic status quo, we are leaping ahead towards a great future. Despite the uneven global recovery, we truly believe in endeavor the best. A core part of our long term strategy involves serving country-wide as well as global based customers in innumerable facts and creating a landmark through our products and services reflecting our brand image as a recall in every customer's cognizance. Looking through the global economy which has been witnessing strong growth, we have been trying to empower our position by embracing the global perspectives in order to strengthen our future competitiveness by making bold investments in aspects that will draw a hand of contribution towards the society. We have been nourishing our core business striving to ensure a balanced approach adding value through managerial capabilities, as well as taking significant care towards the community through a wide range of corporate and socially responsive initiatives.

Messege From Managing Director :

Mokarram Hossain
Managing Director

Since the inception of Global Energy Limited, our goal is to remain at the cutting edge of every industry and create a prominent value for all our stakeholders, surrounding communities and not to forget the wider economy. Within a short span of time we have established many projects in various field of business like Automobile, Battery, PET, RMG, Jute products Housing& Real Estate sector and we have earned a high level of respect and trust from our consumer. In this regards we are very much grateful to all stakeholder of the company. To enhance our business portfolio we are working to establish a Petrochemical project in Merersharai EZ. Our main motto is to win consumer’s heart through quality product and service. Business growth can always be ensured through acute decision making and through utilization of the best opportunities at the right time. Global Energy Limited has always believed in steady growth upheld with strong roots and developing a belief that customers are our first and foremost priority.